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Increasing Brain Focus (third party content link)

Updated: Jan 22, 2022


Personally, I freely admit that I spend too much time on my phone. I believe that I have adjusted to the frequent distraction and the Dopamine that it gives me. I'm willing to try this challenge for a week to see if it does result in increased attention span, more ideas and the speaker suggests. I'm going to update a response to this post after doing so in about a week from now.

Two days in, I've found that when I'm quiet and without distraction, I find myself doing more self-talk and review of things that have happened in my day. I found myself trying to picture the details of my audio book. I've found myself more aware of how often I'm disturbed when trying to have intentional solitude.

Four days in, I have now begun noticing more physical awareness of my breathing and comfort. I haven't been trying to meditate, just give more awareness to my breathing and muscle tension. I feel that I can better quiet my mind instead of feeling as though I have a variety of thoughts flowing through it.

In conclusion, I have integrated consciously taking moments to not have stimulation. One such example is how I previously listened to the audio book while in the shower. I feel that I can free my brain to process random thoughts and lay out my plans for the day. I also feel that I have a positive outlook going into the day when I plan it before I start. A second example is when I intentionally have no music or radio on when I am traveling to allow my mind to process thoughts. I drive quite a bit, and this can be valuable reflection time. I didn't notice an increased attention span as a result of this exercise. I noticed increased reflection on the past, more generation of new ideas and a positive outlook when intentionally taking the time to desensitize and let my mind take over.

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