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Personal Narratives (3rd party content)

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

I fully agree with what the speaker is pointing out about the power of personal narratives.

1. Unresolved Personal Tensions are the backbone of your personal narrative.

2. Your personal narrative guides you to find your life's mission and encourages and motivates you to complete your life's mission.

3. Find your marks and own them. Do this by doing a self-inventory. Remember when you were moved to great emotion. Desires to resolve tensions in our lives will drive us to do amazing things.

4. Tell personal and family stories. This is a great predictor of resiliency to stress. They keep us centered and mitigate new stress.

5. Find your mentors. They can be of any color, age, gender etc. They can be something that really moves you like a book or poem.

6. Look for the themes and tensions of your personal narrative. You can use the power of your personal narrative to accomplish things that no one else can.

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